Thursday, April 20, 2006


In case any of you guys (it would only be a handful but still...) I am back from Japan already and drafting my last 3-4 days in Japan.

However, I am also came right back to work which is now a 12 hours shift 19:30-7:30. On top of that I seems to experince a moderate level of depression. While I was in my office the next day after I got back I felt drain, disdain toward my job and felt like quitting just so I have more free time for myself. At the same time, I kept telling myself that this could be the results of the exhaustion from the trip (six hours of non-continous sleep each night during the trip).

Today I felt considerbly better than the last couple of days, and I will continue blogging the trip. Although it would be nice if I saw some comments on the trip posts... Especially when I type those trip in slightly hasting manner since I was tried and really need to go to bed then as we would have to wake up at six o'clock for our trip.


Paul said...

This is my birthday day...april 20. However, I am writing to say i really enjoyed eading your Gay in Bkk story; you are right...Thailand is the most liberated and tolerant country in the world. I LOVE THAILAND.
I live in new zealand. i think thailand is great becasue it has never been colonised and it has Buddhism as its main belief. It is truely great...and i can't wait to return. Thankyou. Paul

Pete said...

Thank you for your kind words sir :)

NZ hold a special place in my heart because my first crush (and crushed) is of a New Zealander *^_^*